Open-Source Software

Do you have:

  • A medium to large international engineering project?
  • A diverse range of partner organisations?
  • Funding constraints?
  • The requirement to achieve results?

Then you are probably struggling with the same issue as Heliaq did, namely getting all of your partners to work on compatible software tools. After a significant amount of research and experimentation we found that the only viable solution is the extensive use of open-source engineering software. Open-source software can be distributed to all of your partners at zero cost, allowing engineers across the globe to exchange native data and effectively function as a team. And in some cases (especially with web-based collaboration tools) we found the open-source software more stable than the commercial offerings.

Open-source software is for amateurs, right? Not anymore. This was the case 5 years ago, but no longer. In fact, many open source engineering software projects are now backed by major international companies and organisations like Thales, Airbus, Ericsson and CERN. Why? These organisations realised that they are not only spending a fortune on software, but often their design software becomes deprecated (e.g. through a software vendor bankruptcy or acquisition) which causes them to suddenly lose 20 years or more of corporate history and knowledge. In contrast, when they contribute to open source software they can ensure that the software lifetime is at least as long as the lifetime of their projects. In the aerospace and industrial markets this may be 50 years or more.

Heliaq spent a significant amount of time assembling an entire suite of open-source engineering software for the ALV-2 launch vehicle project. In fact, we now almost exclusively use either open-source or custom software for all design functions. In addition to software tool selection, we also created processes to effectively use these tools and simple how-to guides for new users.

We can help your organisation make the transition to open source. Please get in touch.