Delft Aerospace Rocket Engineering joins the ALV project

The Delft Aerospace Rocket Engineering (DARE) team has partnered with the Heliaq to develop cryogenic liquid rocket engines for the ALV-2 vehicle.

As Europe’s most successful university student rocket society, Delft Aerospace Rocket Engineering performs spaceflight research and development on all fronts- from liquids, solid and hybrid engines to electronics and actively controlled rockets. Amongst their many projects, they plan to launch the Stratos II hybrid rocket to an altitude of 50km in October 2015, hopefully becoming the first student society do to so. More information on their work can be found at:

The DARE team brings a wealth of propulsion design experience to the ALV project. For the ALV-2 propulsion system, Heliaq and DARE will cooperate on the development of low-cost liquid methane and liquid oxygen rocket engines for the first and upper stages. Initial work will focus on the upper stage engine, followed by the larger first stage engine. Design and testing of the engines will be performed by DARE, while all of the engine components will be manufactured by Heliaq in our CNC machine workshops.

The ALV-2 vehicles promises to provide revolutionary capabilities. Not only will it demonstrate the viability of flyback boosters by flying the full first stage trajectory and coming back to land, it will also be sufficiently powerful to launch micro satellites to Low Earth Orbit and open up new opportunities for low-cost hyperonic research.

Welcome DARE!